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Who is it for and why do you need it?

Recent team leaders, projects managers, scrum masters and other positions of responsibility for deliveries and teams.

Being a new leader is hard and it can overwhelm and burn out the best of us. Driving yourself crazy trying to make everyone happy, obsessing over every little decision, paralyzing over the fear of making any mistake. Not trusting your intuition, overanalyzing, overworking and still not being sure you’re doing the right thing.

I will help you accelerate your learning and transition from coping to performing, from stress to comfort, from reacting to acting.

When, how long and and how much?

Full day training, 10 AM to 6 PM.

Maximum of 15 participants.

100 EUR / participant.

Click the button under my picture to send me an email to register or ask any questions you may have.

Agenda for the day

We start at 10, lunch break 13:00 to 14:00, finish at 18:00. We’ll have 10 minute breaks about every 1.5 hours. Coffee and sweet snacks will be provided.

Of the 7 ours we have we’ll spend about 3 on people, 3 on communication and 1 on personal productivity & resilience.

Looked at from another perspective, we’ll spend half the time in realistic practice (mock leadership scenarios with observation and feedback from me) and half discussing interesting and insightful information.

The experiences is designed to be immersive and, in a balanced way, somewhat exhausting.

For people, we’ll look at motivation, grit, growth mindset, decision making, initiative and self organization. We’ll practice realistic situations you will encounter leading a team of people, including dealing with difficult personalities.

For communication we focus on what we call real conversations: meaningful, impactful conversations. We’ll look at and practices types of communication, communication with different types of people, assertiveness, active listening, non-conflictual conversations, how to bridge gaps in values, how to convince and influence.

We’ll finish with a pragmatic overview of the Introspecials 5 Step Time Management system, so you now only know what to do, but also have the tools to prioritize and manager your energy to get it done.

All of the above is a custom solution, informed from the best industry practices but hand crafted for the local IT market, from my personal experiences working in and leading IT companies.

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